Haiti: Beyond The Rubble by J. Sadraque Cius

Front cover - Haiti Beyond the Rubble

Haiti: Beyond the Rubble is a personal memoir of J. Sadraque Cius, a native Haitian now living in America, who recounts the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010 and the long-lasting consequences on a nation already suffering from poverty. Not only does Cius shed light on the catastrophe itself, he also recounts the ways lives are still affected today and the way Haiti’s people have been exploited, both in the past and as a result of the earthquake.
Beginning with the miraculous rescue stories of long-buried survivors, the author illustrates the chaos during the days immediately after the earthquake struck. With search-and-rescue help and financial aid from around the world, Haitians moved quickly to recover and restore this island nation. Cius writes, “The quake in Haiti allowed the world to see the Haitians’ hearts. The world took note of the one thing Haitians have in common—resilience.”
Life in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti, had never been easy as the author shares his own impoverished background as an example. Losing his father in an accident at a young age, he and his family experienced the trauma and poverty that has marked Haiti’s long history. In this book, Cius recalls the desperate times his family faced and the way his mother made sure her family was fed and protected. In their story, we see the resilience noted by Cius after the earthquake.
Placing his trust in God, Cius graduated from Texas Southern University and pursued graduate studies at the University of Houston. Through a successful career in education, Cius was able to inspire and motivate thousands of students. Calling them his “flowers,” his students benefited from Cius’ example; they learned not to allow their challenges they faced to define their personality or determine their future.
Haiti: Beyond the Rubble is more than a retelling of an earthquake; it is the story of J. Sadraque Cius and the way one person can make a difference. His story is not one of despair. Rather he hopes that the world will continue to hear—through him—the voice of the Haitians and find ways to help his country rise up from the rubble. To his readers, Cius says, “I am … hopeful that you will discover the blessings that God has for you and your purpose in life while reading this book.”

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