Founder and President of People Outreach Ministry, Inc.

J. Sadraque Cius is an author, minister, public speaker and former educator who enjoys the privilege of traveling all over the country and speaking to students of all ages. He has had the opportunity to educate and motivate students from all over the spectrum. His goal is ” to inspire students to believe in themselves and to be the best person they can be.” His personal life story compels students to be positive about their generation.

Mr. Cius is a native of Haiti and the author of Haiti Beyond The Rubble. He is an ordained Baptist minister and is the founder of the People Outreach Ministry, Inc (a 501(c) (3). Mr. Cius holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in theology as well as in Foreign language. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Creole and is very knowledgeable in Greek and Latin. Additionally, he has done graduate work at several universities.

Mr. Cius is no stranger to loss and hardship. He lost his father at very early age and began to experience poverty and hunger in ways that few can understand. Mr. Cius discusses in his new book how he used his calamities to encourage and empower people of all genders and nationalities. Mr. Cius shares candidly his story of poverty to a successful life in America and gives his students hope for tomorrow. He is beyond excited when he sees his students become productive citizens.

Affiliations: Founder and President of People Outreach Ministry, Inc.
Former Executive board member of Houston Federation of Teachers Managing Member of Oak Bay Properties Ltd
Former Vice President of Shepherd Park Terrace 

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                                         Let’s Rebuild Haiti
                   What is his future, as he peeks out the door…

                                        We can rebuild Haiti…

                                Everyone deserves opportunity

    It’s time to rebuild Haiti

Let’s Make Haiti beautiful again
And give the people life again
And above all, let’s start looking…
“Beyond the Rubble”
J. Sadraque Cius is an author, minister & public speaker

Author’s Quote

:The desire to live and prosper is in us but we have to find it. One of the greatest tragedies in life is to die poor without realizing that we had millions of dollars at our disposal. It might be midnight and dark in our lives but we have to have the desire to believe that the sun will rise in the morning. There is a dark moment in each one of our lives. We must believe that the sun will rise after every dark moment. There can be no morning without darkness. The sun will always rise after the darkness. The Haitians who survived the quake will testify that the sun always rises even after the darkest night. U.S. President Obama reminded the folks that suffered in the Colorado’s tragedy that life goes on even in the darkest moment.